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Find out how the Help to Heat scheme works and how your home can benefit from FREE funding from this Government backed initiative.

Save money and the environment.

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Green Eco Company is here to help you achieve two things: Energy Efficient homes and cutting the costs of those ever growing fuel bills.

Helping to reduce Fuel Poverty

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More warmth, less cost, more efficiency, less waste, more money in your pocket

The Green Eco Company is passionate about life and conserving resources. We hear so much about the future and how things will be different in a negative way but what about now? We have just endured a harsh winter and keeping your home warm has been expensive. We can do something though! The Green Eco Company can help you to reduce your costs and improve efficiency within your own home. The government is currently offering free grants so you can make those improvements at their expense!


Renewable energy sources are highlighted and promoted across news and media sources, but what can we do? We are not scientists or researchers, we are dependent on them to source new ways of producing power. Our planet relies on the steps you take today to protect it and enable it to continue to produce what we need to survive.

Eligible benefits

  • Child tax credit (Earning les than £16,000 per year)
  • Working tax credit (Earning less than £16,000 per year/over 60 or receiving a disability premium)
  • Pension credit
  • Job seekers allowance
  • Employment and support allowance ESA (extra money for a work related support/activity group)
  • Income support (over 60 or recieving a disability premium)
You could qualify for funding! Apply online today!

Why make your home more energy efficient?

The Green Eco Company wants to help you to get more out of your home while conserving resources and reducing the impact of your carbon footprint on the land and water supplies that we all need to live. Life depends on us, now and in the future. Act now, take the first step towards a greener future by having your home assessed to see how being more energy efficient can benefit you!

A properley insulated loft, attic space and cavity walls will retain most of the energy the house produces to warm up, therefore requiring less energy to generate the same amount of heat.

Less energy means lower bills and if you meet the qualification criteria you may be eligible for a energy grant.

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